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“Not a typical gluten free cookbook…the book is filled with helpful information to those new to the gluten free diet…[the author] includes 15 full gluten recipes so that you may compare the traditional recipe with its gluten-free counterpart, this is a wonderful way to learn about gluten-free cooking.” – Carla Spacher, Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box

“We have learned a tremendous amount of information from Liz’s Kitchen Wisdom! The recipes are fantastic, and the knowledge she shares on cooking without gluten and using alternative ingredients is priceless. Our family always eats healthy, and now we have more delicious recipes to add to our choices.  Plus what we’ve learned from Liz lets us reduce the amount of gluten we use in our own family recipes. Even though we don’t have diet restrictions, we have found that eating less gluten makes us feel better. Thank you Liz for the excellent book!   Sincerely, your friends Lisa and David, Elm Brook Farm & Distillery

“As a fellow Italian-American with dietary restrictions I know how hard it can be to find safe and tasty versions of my family’s traditional recipes.  In Kitchen Wisdom, Liz has successfully tackled this challenge with superb results that appeal to even those without restrictions.  Bella Cucina!”  – Tina D’Amato, DO 

Gluten Free cooking doesn’t have to be plain and boring.  Besides a fair amount of information on setting up a gluten-free kitchen, and hidden sources of gluten in your diet, Kitchen Wisdom has excellent recipes for traditional Italian classics including lasagna and baked ziti.  The lemon and sesame cookies are particularly good.  You don’t have to be eating gluten free to love them!”  Donna Howard, The Eloquent Page

“[Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free] helps eliminate the fear of non-gluten based grains with an easy to understand glossary & techniques for substitution…[it] also highlights the importance of preventing cross contamination, both on the plate and in the kitchen.”  Sarah West, The St. Albans Messenger

 “This cook book is so great!!! I am not gluten sensitive but many of my family and friends are. This is the first Gluten Free cookbook I have found that has super easy to prepare meals that are so delicious I will make them for everyone. If you are or know someone with gluten issues you will absolutely want to add this book to your collection.” – Reader on Goodreads

 “One word description – yummy. This book is a must-have for anyone who is gluten sensitive or knows someone who is. It is also a must-have for people who eat gluten! The recipes are described in a user friendly way, the pictures are helpful, and the personal stories are very sweet and enjoyable. I also really liked the section before the recipes that describes gluten free flours, how they work, and how various ingredients work together to form the final product. Fascinating and useful for all types of cooking. I am going to give this book as my “go-to” Christmas gift this year. I haven’t decided on my favorite recipe yet….guess I’ll have to keep trying them.” – Reader on Amazon

 “I bought this book because it looked interesting and I was curious about gluten free. It is extremely informative; also the pictures helped me to see what it should look like after I cook it. I have tried one or two recipes and was pleased with the outcome. Can’t wait to try more of them. The recipes are simple to follow and the results are good.” – Reader on Amazon



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Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free:  Journey into a Culinary Cultural Evolution &

Learn How to Transform Southern Italian Recipes to Gluten Free


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