Applesauce – Forget What You Know About Wheat©


     When I was a child my elders were my child care providers.  My favorite amazing Great Uncle Gene was often faced with a young energetic child in his home.  Being my favorite Uncle, I would pester him to no end.  He would give me some sort of project, this ritual continued until his passing just a few years ago.  As a child, he would place a chair up to the kitchen countertop, next to the stove, and have me stir something.  Often, the something was applesauce.  He’d get me to peel and stir and watch and…stay out of his hair.  Here and there through the years, I’ve had various Italian American friend who grew up with this  applesauce.  It really is delicious warm or cold.  I especially like it warm from the stove if I am not feeling well.  Best yet, forget about burning those scented candles – the smell of apple rises through the air of your home and lingers, just like a winter night.

     I prefer applesauce without sugar.  If you prefer sugar, add 1 tablespoon of brown or light brown sugar at a time, being sure to mix thoroughly and taste between additions.  An optional ingredient, cinnamon is a delightful flavor, and powerful immune boosting bark.  Add 1/8 teaspoon per 3 large apples or more to taste.  Add cinnamon at the end.

Yields approximately 2.5 cups

3 large apples

Water enough to cover to top of fruit




Place apples in a sauce pan with water  that just barely covers the fruit.

Bring saucepan with fruit and water to a boil.


Reduce to a rolling simmer, cover ½ way with lid.  Stir periodically and cook on rolling boil for  15 minutes.


Reduce heat to rolling simmer and cook for another half hour, stirring periodically.  Keep lid slightly ajar.

Use Potato Masher (a fork does well for some people) and mash the apples.  Now it will be the familiar texture of applesauce.  If you like it perfectly smooth, use a hand blender.


If you are adding optional sugar do so now.  Stir in 1 tablespoon brown or light brown sugar, mix thoroughly and taste. Repeat until desired sweetness is reached.


Turn off heat.  If adding optional cinnamon do so now. Stir completely. Allow to cool.  Keeps a couple of days in fridge.

“Applesauce” by Liz Conforti – Forget What You Know About Wheat© 2013


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