Pizzelle Gluten Free – Forget What You Know About Wheat(c) December 2013


     I grew up on these.  Seemingly everyone in my family makes these.   One needs a Pizzelle maker to accomplish this product. Like a waffle iron, it is fitted with plates which are the historic lace shape front, waffle on back.  Thin and crisp, these can be made as a flat cookie or one can shape it as a cone for ice cream. 

     This is an example of how to create light crispness in delicate baking with gluten free ingredients.  Learning how to manipulate batter to be crisp or light is something we take for granted with full gluten baking.  In this recipe, I chose to use egg yolk and a bit of sugar whipped fast for a moment to start the batter.  This combination of yolk and sugar contributes to pizzelle’s crispness, the melted butter at the end keeps the batter from getting too heavy quickly and the combination produces a light product at the end.   I do use starch in this recipe, but in addition to other flours and as an additional binder please note there are also hearty and nutritious flours in this recipe as well.  Sorghum contributes protein and a reminiscent flavor of wheat, soy flour also contributes protein and its fat content helps to produce crispness in cookies. I reserve pure starch based recipes for very few items.  I believe our food should contain nutrients, not just empty calories, even if it is a sweet.  However, starches contribute to baked goods having a light consistency and they help retain moisture and combine well with eggs.  I hope you enjoy these light and sweet treats!

Vanilla Pizzelle  naurally gluten free

 3            whole                 Eggs, seperated

¾           cup                      Sugar

3            tsp                       Vanilla Extract

1/3       cup                      Sorghum Flour

1/3       cup                      Potato Starch

½           cup                     White Rice Flour

1/3       cup                      Arrowroot

1            tsp                       Baking Powder

½           tsp                       Guar Gum

1/8       tsp                       Salt

¾           cup                      Butter, melted

Yields Approximately 2 Dozen

Follow instructions for your Pizzelle maker, see information box on this page.

Separate the eggs.

Melt the butter.

Combine all of the dry ingredients (sorghum, soy flour, white rice flour, potato starch, baking powder, guar gum and salt) in a separate bowl. Mix thoroughly. Set aside.

Place all the yolk in the bowl of mixer, begin beating, add 2 Tablespoons of the sugar. Whip for about 15 seconds.

Lower mixer to medium, slowly add egg whites, beat on medium high for about 15 seconds.

Keep mixer on medium. Slowly and gradually add the remaining sugar until well combined.

Slowly and gradually, add the dry ingredients. Scrape down the batter from the side of mixing bowl periodically until just well combined.

Gradually mix the melted butter into the batter at the end, be sure to completely combine.

The batter should be batter like and not too thick.  If too thick, add a splash of milk (dairy, soy or nut millk – a milk with protein and fat).



Plug in pizzelle maker and warm to manufacturer instructions.

Add the vanilla extract last, mix long enough to combine extract. Do not over aerate batter.






Once warm enough, butter the pizzelle grills.  I keep a stick of cold butter handy and just swipe it along the surface as needed.

Spoon a bit more than a tablespoon of batter onto the center of each circle on the grill.  My grill has two 6” circles.  If your maker has smaller circles you will need to play around with the correct measurement of batter.  You may also have to experiment with the exact location within the circle to place the batter.  The goal is to get a perfect circle which does not pour out onto the side of the maker.  The trick is really to know your maker.






Once the batter stops steaming, they are done.  This only takes about 30 seconds. Catch them as they are crisp and light, or golden. Not brown.







Use a fork to pick up on end and gently lift and begin peeling back.  I use my hand as well, peel back and transfer to wire cooling rack.  They do not take long to completely cool.  Once cooled, they can be stacked.



They tend to not be completely even at the circumference outer edge of cookie.  To resolve this, wait until they are completely cooled. Hold pizzelle in one hand, use the other hand to hold the side of the fork (or a butter knife) up to the uneven edge.  Very gently scrape the uneven crumbs off the entire circumference to get a smooth and even edge.  I scrape the crumblies into a bowl and use the scrapings as an ice cream topping.

Storage:  parchment or wax paper lined bakery box.  Stack opposite side to opposite side.  They keep over a week like this.

To serve:  sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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