Meatballs Gluten Free – Forget What You Know About Wheat(c) 2014

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     Many years ago a friend of mine from Calabria showed me how she makes meatballs, she is somewhat famous for her meatballs with family and friends.  Her secret to a moist meatball is 3 eggs per pound of chopped meat.  Also, this is an interesting recipe because the meatballs cook in the sauce and  do not need to be pre-cooked.  I hope you enjoy these as much as my family and friends do!

Yields approximately 8 – 4 inch meatballs

1 pound lean ground Beef

3  whole Eggs

½  cup Grated hard Italian Cheese (like locatelli or parmigiano reggiano)

1 ¼  cup finely ground rice cracker crumbs*


You will need a large platter, plate or cookie sheet to place the meatballs on when done assembly.

     Place the meat in a large bowl.   Add the eggs to the meat, use your hands and work the eggs into the meat.

IMG_1288     Still using your hands, sprinkle the grated cheese and thoroughly combine into the meat.    Finally, add the rice cracker crumbs.  Continue to work all of the ingredients together until completely combined.

     Pluck 4.5”-5” of meatball mixture with your hand, roll between hands to create a ball.  Place on platter. Repeat until all of the mixture has been used.  They can be placed aside at this time.  They store very well covered with plastic wrap in the fridge for a few

IMG_1294hours.  Or just move forward and cook them.

     Bring your tomato sauce to a rolling simmer.  Place meatballs, one a time, in the sauce. Be sure they are each covered with sauce.

Cook in this manner for 30 minutes.  To stir sauce, you will need to be careful not to break the meatballs.  As they cook, they become sturdier.

“Meatballs Gluten Free”by Liz Conforti, Forget What You Know About Wheat(c) 2014

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