Neapolitan Easter Pie with Rice – Forget What You Know About Wheat(c)


      I Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free Easter Pie has all the texture and taste you remember!  I grew up eating Easter Pie, we called it Pastiera Napoletana (Pastiera con Riso).  Many families may be more familiar with a version of this using wheat grain (faro) instead of rice, resulting in the common name “Grain Pie.”   This is a wonderful desert to bring on visits with loved ones during the Lenten Season.  Recently I discovered this amongst my maternal grandmother’s recipes.  I chose to make this pie with a gluten free pie crust.  Delicious!

Gluten Free Pie Crust:

1/3 cup gluten free Tapioca Flour

1/3 cup gluten free Potato Starch

1/3 cup gluten free Sweet White Rice Flour

1  tablespoon Sugar

1  teaspoon gluten free Guar Gum

½  teaspoon glluten free Baking Powder

¾  teaspoon Salt

8  tablespoons cold Butter

1/2 cup + 1  tablespoon Ice Water

1 Egg, beaten

Cut cold butter into cubes ¼ – ½ inch in size.  Place aside.  Pour some water over ice, place aside.


Using a food processor fitted with the plastic dough blade.  Measure into the bowl the tapioca, potato starch and sweet rice flours, guar gum, baking powder, salt and sugar.  Fix lid in place, pulse to combine and aerate flours.

Cut the butter into the flour in three batches, pulse often in between additions of butter.  Scrape down the inside of the bowl between additions of butter.


Add the tablespoon of ice water, pulse a few times; the dough will be mostly formed very quickly.

Butter the inside of an 9 inch pie baking dish.  Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Remove dough from food processor.  Using you’re the palms of your hands, press dough into pie plate.  Spread out from the center, use your fingers to navigate the dough up the internal edges of the baking dish.



Bake for 17-20 minutes, until just turning golden brown.  Remove from oven.


Cool completely before use.

Rice Mixture:

1 1/3  cup pre-cooked Long Grain White Rice

2/3  cup Milk

1  tablespoon Butter

½  teaspoon gluten free Vanilla Extract

In a small pot, combine milk and butter, warm milk mixture to scalding hot.  Turn the heat off, add the vanilla and stir.  Next, add the pre-cooked rice.  Stir and fully combine.  Set aside to cool completely.

Ricotta Mixture:

16 ounces  super creamy Ricotta

4  whole Eggs

1  Egg Yolk

¾  cup Sugar

½  teaspoon gluten free Vanilla Extract

½  teaspoon Orange Flower Water

1  tablespoon Lemon Zest


Place the ricotta in a large bowl, add the whole eggs and the yolk.

Use a spoon to thoroughly combine the cheese and eggs.  Be sure to use the back of the spoon thin out clumps.  The mixture should be as smooth as possible.  Mix in the sugar, followed by the vanilla, orange flower water and lemon zest.  Fold the extracts and zest into the ricotta mixture.  Place aside.

Flour Mixture:

3  tablespoons gluten free Potato Starch

1  tablespoon gluten free Sorghum Flour

1/8  teaspoon gluten free Guar Gum

Combine potato starch, sorghum flour and guar gum in a small bowl.

Whisk together and place aside.


Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Be sure the rice mixture is completely cooled.  Use a fork to break up rice clumps.  Add the flour mixture to the rice, use a fork to combine and coat the rice with the flour.

Assemble the batter:  Fold the rice into the ricotta mixture. Be sure it is thoroughly combined.

Pour the batter into the fully cooled pie shell.


Place the pie shell with the batter in the center of the pre-heated oven.

Bake 43-45 minutes.  The center will still be tacky but solid.  The top will have a golden hue.


Remove from heat and completely cool.  Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar and serve.  Store in the refrigerator.


“Easter Pie” by Liz Conforti, Forget What You Know About Wheat(c) 2013

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